November 20, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - mini professor Xavier, Santas who clean drains, and cupcakes

My dad was at our house helping me with an upcoming project.  Well, he convinced Rex that he could open grandpa's trunk with his mind (a.k.a. the keys hidden in his pocket to make it open on command).  I'm not usually one to fib with my kids, but this was too funny.

Here's Rex concentrating.  (Excuse the dark pictures please.)

It requires extreme focusing...

And BAM!  He did it.  He was pretty proud of himself and it was too cute for me to spill the truth.

My husband might kill me for posting this, but he cleaned out the shower drain for me yesterday.  (He'll kill me because he's wearing his sleeper in the picture and a hair-drying wrap around his face because he said the drain was stinky.)  I sure love him.  I love how both people benefit in a good relationship.  He cleans out my hair from the drain and I clean the toilet.  Oh yes, it's true love :)

Lastly, I met a few more bloggers the other night and we had cupcakes at One Sweet Slice in West Jordan.  The owner there (Janell) was SO sweet.  She's decorated the shop perfectly and the cupcakes were incredible.  You have to stop by if you live close.  I was inspired to hear her tell us her story.  I love to hear about someone who's brave enough to chase their dreams.  I also found my new favorite treat - coconut macaroons.  They were out-of-this-world-amazing.  I've been thinking about them ever since.

It was a good week.  Thanks for dropping in.


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