December 16, 2011

Feature Friday - Popsicle Stick Puzzles

A couple of months ago I saw these simple puzzles on Made:

And Dana got the idea from this one from Saltwater Kids:
I loved the idea and thought they'd be fun and easy to try out.  I grabbed a bag of colored craft sticks so I wouldn't have to mess with the spray paint (and since the colored ones were only a few cents more).  I figured if I really wanted the boys to use them, I'd probably need to draw some Super Hero signs on them........

Rex thought they were pretty cool.

I plan on throwing them all in one bag.  That way they can sort them by color and then put them all in order.  It would be a great quiet toy for church.  I think we'll give it a shot Sunday :)

You can read Dana's tips HERE and Emily's tips for making them HERE.  Thanks for the fun, easy idea ladies!  

Thanks for reading.


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