December 16, 2011

Feature Friday - Popsicle Stick Puzzles

A couple of months ago I saw these simple puzzles on Made:

And Dana got the idea from this one from Saltwater Kids:
I loved the idea and thought they'd be fun and easy to try out.  I grabbed a bag of colored craft sticks so I wouldn't have to mess with the spray paint (and since the colored ones were only a few cents more).  I figured if I really wanted the boys to use them, I'd probably need to draw some Super Hero signs on them........

Rex thought they were pretty cool.

I plan on throwing them all in one bag.  That way they can sort them by color and then put them all in order.  It would be a great quiet toy for church.  I think we'll give it a shot Sunday :)

You can read Dana's tips HERE and Emily's tips for making them HERE.  Thanks for the fun, easy idea ladies!  

Thanks for reading.


  1. Another great idea Cheri!! You rock!! Pinning this post!

  2. You have the coolest superhero ideas. If you keep blogging like this we're going to have the best loot bags for our superhero party in the new year. THANK YOU!

  3. Ah! So cute and fun! This would be a super cute stocking stuffer!

  4. i actually have these on hand, and now i have a craft for my little one tonight. thanks for the idea.

  5. Ah! Great idea for church!

  6. i made some of these for my small cousin. i also made a chalkboard tray that was magnetic. so i put small magnets on the back of each stick so that she could keep them in place while she was working on them. she plays with her chalkboard/magnet tray in church all the time!

  7. These are awesome!!! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Super cool idea!! I have a whole bag of poscicles sticks just waiting for good use! This would make an excellent stocking stuffer you know!

  9. Great idea for a party invite too! We used to have the kids make those at VBS, draw their own pic on. Cheap, easy and enjoyable!

  10. Totally annoyed that you posted this. I was planning on making those for your boys for church. Stinkin' you.

  11. What a cute idea! I bet the kids would have such a fun time MAKING them too. Pinned it to remember during this long cold winter. :)


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