December 02, 2011

Five Finds Friday

It's been little while since I did a 5 find Friday, so here are a few things I found this week that I really loved.

1) Mandi from Tidbits from the Tremaynes is super cool and talented.  Well, her dad is too and she just posted this kitchen island he made.  It's draw-dropping awesome and clever.  You have to click over to see everything it does.  It's not just a pretty island.  WOW.  I think he and my dad could be good friends.  Go see it HERE.

2) This wasn't a craft, but I really enjoyed THIS post from Lara at Less Cake More Frosting.  It made me laugh and smile.  She compares blogging to a bra.  You'll want to read it.

3) I saw THIS ARTICLE on Ohdeedoh about how to clean a Microfiber sofa and I thought to myself, "'s time."  I need to scrub those puppies down.  Just because our couches are a camouflage color, doesn't mean they are clean.  No sir.

4) This isn't a blog link, but Steve Alder just sent me his CD, entitled "All Through the Night" which you can find on iTunes or HERE.  It's all flute and harp renditions of classic songs like Edelweiss and Moon River.  Music can really affect our moods.  This is the perfect CD to put on right before bedtime to get the kids calmed down.  It's a beautiful collection of lullabies.  If you're looking for some peaceful music for your home, this is it.

5) Master Bedroom Reveal at the Rooster and the Hen.  I actually saw this a few weeks ago, but it's a great reveal and I think this is a great new blog to keep your eye on.  It's a husband and a wife blogging together, which is fun.  He actually posts, too.  They have great style and ideas.

I love blogland.  There are so many inspiring places to go.  Thanks for stopping in here.


Mama Up! said...

So cool! I wish I had room for something like that, but my kitchen is super tiny.

The Miller Five said...

Unbelievable. That kitchen island is amazing. I could not believe the pictures.

The Rooster and The Hen said...

Awe shucks, thanks for the mention and the linky love!

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Thanks so much Cheri!!! My dad will be tinkled pink to see this.

Pearl Girl said...

ummm, no. I have a feeling that might make me insanely jealous. hahah JK, I have to see this

Ramblings of a Redhead said...

Ohhh very envious over here! That is a lovely piece of furniture!

ellie g said...

Oh, you sweet thing! Thank you so much for the shout out on my post. And, YES, Mandi's island is amazing!

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

I love the things your dad and Mandi's dad do. Can they adopt me? ;) dad is driving across the country right now to move into the same town that I live in. Maybe now, with my Poppers here, I will be spoiled like the two of you. Although, I guess that island was for Mandi's parents, and not her, but stil. So jealous.


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