December 27, 2011

Some BIG, BIG News!

I have some news that I've been really excited to share for a long time.  However, I wanted to wait until the details were firm before saying anything.  Let's play a guessing game, shall we?

Clue: I have to fly to New York for this.

Clue: It's the first name you think of when you think of crafting.

Clue: It rhymes with Gartha Bluwart.

Yeah.  I'm not even kidding.  I'm going to be on the Martha Stewart show in January!  I'm thrilled, though it still doesn't seem totally real.  I'll head out mid-January for the filming and the episode will air at the end of the month.  I'll keep you posted.

Two of my sisters are heading out with me and we need some advice.  I've been to NY once but it was about 7 years ago.  We'll have a couple days there.  What do we have to do there?  Where do we have to eat?  Where can we get Broadway tickets for a lower price (if that exists)?  I'd love any tips or ideas.

This week will be light on crafting, as my husband isn't working and we're having lots of family time.  However, I will be posting announcements and info everyday.

Thanks for stopping by.


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