December 03, 2011

Sponsor Saturday

It's time to remind you of the awesome sponsors I have here and the cool stuff they sell.  I truly love these shops (or they wouldn't be here :)

So here's a look at some of my favorites:

Head on over to the Little Gentleman's Closet for your Christmas ties.  Great quality and lots of pattern options.  We have two ties from there and we love them.

A Year of Sugar Scrubs has tons of creative recipes so you can make your own sugar scrubs.  Erin also sells other fun eBooks and you can see her other products HERE.

Mamachee is an adorable shop full of great crochet patterns and more. Anyone want to crochet that Viking hat for me?  I LOVE it!

Belleza Mia always has something new and beautiful every time I peek in the shop.  I particularly LOVE this green little acorn necklace.

Need to plan a party?  Kara's Party Ideas is the coolest blog for amazing ideas.  No matter what the theme is, she's got you covered.

Our recent family photos were taken by Katie Dudley.  She is absolutely amazing.  I was totally thrilled with the photos she took.

And...if you want to give a fun handmade gift for Christmas stop in at Gramma Allie's for some great patterns.  You've still got time to whip something up!

Thanks for dropping in.


Rebecca said...

I have now been on Etsy for the last two hours from reading this post! Belleza Mia is now saved under my favs:) Beautiful jems. Esty is so addicting.....I think I might need to start going to meetings for my addiction!

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

You buy me the pattern and I will crochet you the hat. ;) Seriously. I love trying new patterns and Mamachee's are the best!


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