December 18, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - cousins, sleeping 'staches, and lashes

I am grateful for all the cousins we live close to.  Our kids have sixteen cousins within 40 miles of us.  Crazy, huh?  I remember how much I loved seeing my cousins when I was little.  There was just that extra cool factor about cousins.  Last week some of the cousins put together their own nativity play for us.  It was pretty cute.

I am always touched when an older cousin is kind to a younger one......  

I caught my nephew helping Baden put his shoes on the other day and it was so sweet.

I'm thankful that there are only two weeks left till my husband shaves this off.  I thought about doing it while he was sleeping.  (He has a 'stache because he lost a bet, if you missed that post.)

And lastly, here's a picture of the lashes that get me every time.  This little guy has his mommy whooped.

I will be blogging this week, but it will be a mix of projects and announcements, as I get a little busy with Christmas plans.  Stay tuned :)

Thanks for dropping in.


The Miller Five said...

Happy Sunday Cheri! Your boys (bid and small) are so handsome....stache and all. ;)

Bless by Tone said...

My girls loooove their cousins as well - but they live so far away from us. It's so true - there is something very special about cousins

Colville Clan said...

That picture of your nephew helping put the shoes on makes me so excited to see that same once my boys are old enough.

Siobhan said...

My sister and her family have moved back (within 5 mins of us) this week so we are VERY happy! Three girls the same age as my boys so just like sisters. They are great friends too.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas xx

Unknown said...

I love your blog!! It is so nice to have so many tutorials for boys (I have 3 and 1 girl). We are also blessed to have cousins close by and weekly Sunday suppers often consist of plays written, directed and starring most of the cousins. It is so fun and funny to watch!


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