December 03, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - drawing, mini-us, and projects

Art was always one of my very favorites subjects in school.  I love to draw.  This week Rex took a sudden interest in drawing and it kind of got me excited.  We practiced drawing dogs and bears and even Santa.  My favorite is when he draws people though.  He drew this one for me a couple of weeks ago.  It's Rex and Mommy.
This picture is my husband when he was little.  

Can you see a resemblance to Rex (on the left there below)?  Sometimes I can't get over how similar they are.  I always thought it was fun that my husband had a mini-him.

Now this is little me.  If you change the hair to blonde, this is the exact excited face little Baden has.  

It's kind of fun to have a mini version of yourself, I've discovered.  He likes to organize.  He hates sudden, loud noises.  He sings while he's doing everything.  He's me and I get him.

Do you have a mini-you?

I have some upcoming projects this week that I'm super excited to show you.  Having a project to work on makes me really happy.  And sharing it with you does too.  Thanks for reading.


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