December 11, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - static and 'staches and boxes

1) My husband lost a bet and will be sporting this 'stache until the end of the year.  Nice.  It makes me laugh every time I see him.  2) Rex gets severe static in the swings we have in the playroom.  I took a picture of it just so he could see it himself.  Sweet.  3) The boys met Santa at the grocery store.  It was our first encounter with him.  He asked Rex what he wanted and Rex was so star-struck that he wouldn't say anything.  4) I was just playing around with my camera phone because it was fun.

Have you every read the Birthday Box?  It's a funny short children's book.  The little boy gets a birthday present, but he thinks the box is the present rather than what's inside of it.....  

Well, we bought a chair this weekend and the boys loved the box.  There is seriously nothing like a big cardboard box.  I'm tempted to return the Christmas presents and just buy another box :)

I am grateful for little things to laugh at, imaginations, and family time.

I have a couple of fun projects to share with you this week.  I'm excited.  Thanks for coming to my blog.


  1. You should definitely paint that box up like a house, or a post office or castle or something! Or...a bat cave, perhaps?

  2. I really love coming to your blog and reading about how you make your family the priority in your life. It's refreshing. (I am a child welfare worker and I don't get to see that a whole lot.) Oh. I like your projects, too... lol

    We use to give the kids big boxes to play with. My daughter liked using markers to draw pictures on the walls. Fun times.

    I'm glad you are enjoying your times with your kiddos. Be blessed!


  3. Love it! There was a time when our house was furnished in cardboard... sigh...

  4. love the look on badens face too.(with santa)He's like "UHHHH" cracks me up.

  5. That is so cute, and it is so true, a big, big box with a few cuts here and the...

    Pigs and Pooh!!!!

  6. Loving the Porn-stache!

  7. oh I love boxes too. They were the best toys when I was little. :) And I love the idea of that book. I will have to find it!

  8. sounds like a great book. another one you should check out is 'that's not a box' (i'm pretty sure that's the title.) it's a great imaginative book where they imagine what else everyday items could be...

  9. I am a nanny and one year for the kid's Christmas gift I made them a castle out of Refrigerator boxes. It was played with way longer than the toys they received. If you want to get fancy this website has plans and sells rivets that makes it really easy to put together:

  10. We have a cute book like that called Not A Box... so fun!

  11. Cheri you should check your facebook! I just sent you an awesome message... just sayin'

    alsooo I loved big boxes too! So much fun!

    Love your cousin,


  12. Haha, there's nothing better than a creepy stache! In Canada during November all the guys wear mustaches for cancer awareness and it's called Mo-vember... It's pretty entertaining to see all the young professionals with 80s staches. Too bad you didn't live up there, your hubby would fit right in!

  13. Boxes are great! They make great reading nooks. We homeschool and it's so fun for them to set up their school stuff in their box. Sometimes it takes a LOOOOOOOOT of time to get set up ("Get started with your schoolwork already!") but it makes doing their schoolwork feel like play. Well, almost! ;)

    Love the boys' facial expressions!

    Sheila @ Sheila's Potpourri

  14. I was totally there when Santa pulled up on the Harley! If I had reconised you I would have been as star struck as your son with Santa. I love reading your blog!


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