January 06, 2012

Feature Friday - iPhone wallpaper reminder

So, I am a big fan of Erika from the Fairy Blogmother and her blog Oops I Craft My Pants.  She did my blog design and she's really cool.  I was on her blog yesterday and I read THIS POST.  She was talking about how it's easy to turn on your phone to do "one quick thing" and then that turns into a lot of time.  

So, she created this little wallpaper for her lock screen on her phone to help her remember her goal for the year.  (I told you she was cool.)  She made it so you can use it too and she even shows how to make that happen (for those of us who may not be as tech savvy as her).

I uploaded it right away....  
I thought it was an awesome idea and a great reminder that I often need.

Want to use it too?  Just click HERE to go to her blog and get it.

Thanks for reading.


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