January 20, 2012

Just Like New - Show and Tell

Today is our last guest post for "Just Like New."  Our guest today is Sausha from Show and Tell.  This lady is an absolute expert with giving furniture new life.  I love her blog because it's full of incredible makeovers.  She also has a blog where she lists furniture she's finished to sell.  It's called Sweet Pickins and if you live in Utah you definitely want to check it out.  Sausha has been on the Nate Berkus Show and she drives a rocking set of wheels.  Welcome Sausha!

Hey everyone!!  Im Sausha from {show and tell} and i am super excited to be guest posting today!!  On my blog i post lots of furniture before and afters and a popular re-do is always a dresser turned TV console.  Everyone loves a good furniture make-over right?!

My clients dresser wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either!  It was solid wood and in really good shape so they didn't want to trash it.  They needed a tv console for their new flat screen and after seeing the one that i posted about here, they decided to have me re-purpose their dresser as well.

It started out like any normal dresser, but i needed to reconfigure it a little to be a functional tv console.  I started by taking out the three top drawers and then the middle one in the center.  I just used the jigsaw to remove that middle support between the 2 drawers.  My client wanted and open cubby in the middle so she can put a basket in there to store remotes/dvd's/games.

The next thing i needed to do was make shelves - i just used a 4x8 sheet of 1/2" MDF for this and cut it to fit.  Basically for the middle one, i built a back, 2 sides and a bottom.  The sides just got one bottom shelf.  Everything was glued and nailed so it will stay put.

This is when you gotta use those measuring skills so everything will fit just right!!

If you look at the before pic, you can see that the dresser had some type of wavy molding going across the bottom.  They wanted it to look more updated, so i popped that off and added a piece of baseboard trim.  I love how that changes the look of the dresser!

Then, to finish off where i added the shelving, i put a 1/2' piece of trim around all the openings.

Last step was to fill all the nail holes and any gaps with some wood putty - as you can see my husband went to town with the wood putty - he is so fired!!

Now for the fun part!!  I primed it using a brown tinted primer from Valspar and then painted it Summer White by Sherwin Williams in a semi-gloss finish.  Then i distressed it and clear coated it in a gloss finish (Wood Classics poly by SW).  Then new hardware was added and it was ready to go!!

And there you have it!  An ordinary dresser that's not being used can become a custom piece of furniture in no time!!  If you like a good furniture make-over, come and say hi over @ {Show and Tell}!!  Thanks guys!!

Thanks for sharing that amazing makeover Sausha!  It is so gorgeous and I wish I had known you a while back when we were shopping for a piece like this.  Feel free to leave a comment for Sausha here or stop over and see some more makeovers at her blog HERE.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That's amazing! I have that exact same dresser. My parent bought me the bedroom set when I was 12. I don't think I could bear to change it due to my sentimental attachment to it. :)

  2. I suppose I'm gonna have to go out in the snow today to find me an old dresser just so I can have something like that too! As usual the transformation looks beautiful.


  3. oh, what a transformation!! i love it!!! and the quilts in there, im in love!!!

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  5. I absolutely LOVE it! How do you get the distress marks to look like that? They are perfect!

  6. Fantastic as always!! love it. looks so good with out the top drawers.. Just love all the things sausha does, she is awesome.
    Lindsay @ Country Girl Home

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  8. Awesome transformation!!!

  9. Gorgeous! So funny because my in-laws have a very similar dresser that I always look at and think, pull out the sander and paint people!

  10. Wow! You got serious skillz! I love the redo. The detail with the shabby corners is my favorite part. Nice job!

  11. Really awesome, love how updated it looks and especially like the baseboard idea!

  12. What a fabulous job! The house looks awesome. Glad she is sharing her talents.

  13. This is such an awesome makeover! Great job!

  14. wow!!!!! I'm totally impressed. Whew, that dresser was U.G.L.Y. at the start, the end product is divine. :)

  15. Wow! you are one talented lady!

  16. Simply beautiful, awesome, amazing, adorable,and lovely. I bet your client was thrilled. This is one of my favorites of yours.

  17. Pure Genius!
    Definitely pinning this idea for future inspiration!


  18. {breathing into a paper bag...}

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Anonymous30.9.12

    I really like the look of that dresser, and the quilts are to die for! You did a great job!


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