January 23, 2012

The Martha Stewart Show

Okay, it's time for the low-down.  First of all, the show will air on THURSDAY (January 26th) at 10am on the Hallmark Channel.

I'll give you the full story of my experience.  Read as much or as little as you want :)

I was contacted by someone from the show in the very beginning of September.  They found my blog and wanted me to demonstrate how to make the Upcycled T-shirt Dress.  I was floored when I got the email and wondered how I could even verify it was real.  She explained that they didn't have dates, but wanted to see if it would even be a possibility for me.  I didn't really tell anyone because I figured I'd wait to see if it would really happen.

I emailed them to check up on things a couple of times in the next few months and they said they were looking at January and they'd give me dates as soon as possible.  At the end of December they gave me dates and then I told all of you, since it was official.

I had to prepare a lot for the show.  They wanted dresses in all the various stages and I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off the two days before I fly out.  The day of the filming they sent an intern to pick up all the stuff and I reported to the studio later.

When we arrived they let my sisters come back with me and they told us that Jessica Alba would also be a guest on the show that day.  At that point we all texted our husbands, "Bet you wish you were here now!"  Ha!  It seems every man that breathes has a thing for her.

They had me rehearse everything with someone standing in for Martha.  At this point I was getting nervous.  They kept telling me all the things I needed to say and do and I was freaking out a wee bit on this inside, wondering if I would remember any of it.

The people who worked there were AWESOME, KIND, and REALLY FUN.  They were my favorite part.  After some rehearsing I went in for hair and makeup (which was great because I'm not a makeup expert.)  The girls who did my hair and makeup were so kind as well.  I wish I had pictures of everyone there, but I figured they might not want to be pictured on some random blog :)

My sisters headed off to the audience while I waited backstage in my green room.  I watched the show from there and they came to get me when it was my turn.  When I came out they had music playing loudly and someone there to pump up the crowd.  I kind of felt like a football player coming out as the starting line up.

The music stopped, I met Martha, and the people there quickly reminded me of what I needed to say/do.  Lastly, a kind camera man came over and said, "The most important thing you need to do is have fun."  I actually didn't feel too nervous at this point.  It did become fun.

The people I know have asked me about Martha.  What is she like?  It's not like we had tea together.  I shook her hand, we recorded the segment, and that was about it.  She was nice, but I don't know her any better than anyone of you.  It seemed like the people who worked there really liked her, and I really think that says a lot.  When the segment was done they took a picture of us together for me to have and they took one with my sisters in it too.

Martha asked if she could keep one of the dresses for her granddaughter.  Can you really say no to that?  I was excited that she liked the project so much.

I headed back to my room while they finished the rest of the show.  My sisters said Martha let the audience ask some questions after the show.  They also got samples of Jessica Alba's new natural baby products.

I brought toffee from V Chocolate for all the ladies there and gave them my "Hats Off to You" cards with Rex on them to say thanks.  (I wanted to share something and my kids and chocolate are my favorites :)

I feel really lucky for getting the chance to do something like this.  If you'd told me this would happen way back when I started this blog I probably wouldn't have believed you.

And that's the whole story.  Thanks for letting me share it with you.  See you tomorrow.


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