January 08, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - sisters and sharing ice cream

On Friday I was at my sister Cassie's house when out of nowhere Rex threw up all over her counter and floor.  Cassie is seven months pregnant and I told her to run to another room so she wouldn't get sick.  She, however, cleaned up my child's super nasty mess on her hands and knees while I took him to the toilet.  While that's a gross story, it illustrates how awesome and sweet my sister is.  She loves my kids as her own.  (Sorry again about all those ruined coupons Cass :)  And obviously, there's no picture to go with the story.  Pretty sure you wouldn't want it.

I have another sister that lives fairly close by (Leca) and she and I got to get dinner together the other night.  We stayed at the restaurant for hours talking and never ended up shopping, but that's how I like it.  It was so fun and she's always a party.  I really feel so lucky to have amazing sisters.

Lastly, we went to SubZero as a family and got ice cream last night.  We love to order one giant bowl of ice cream and share it.  (Plus, it's way cheaper that way.)  At SubZero they take the cream and use liquid nitrogen to make it into ice cream right in front of you.  The boys think it's super cool.....and frankly, so do I.  There is something fun about ice cream and even more fun when you have little excited mouths to share it with.

I am thankful for the big things and the little things.  Thanks for stopping by.


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