February 10, 2012

Feature Friday - Apple Pancakes

Last weekend I saw THESE apple pancakes on Pinterest (which were pinned from HERE) and so we tried them out Saturday morning. 

We don't have an apple corer, so we sliced the apples up and then cut out the middle from each slice.

We used our regular pancake mix and dunked each apples in it.

We cooked them at a lower temperature and for a little longer time than we usually do.

Instead of the syrup listed, we took our regular maple syrup and added caramel and then watered it down a little.  We heated it up and poured it on.

You get apple in every bite.  The apple is still kind of crunchy, but it's actually really good that way.  With the carmel syrup it tasted like a caramel apple pie.  My kids went nuts over them.

Yum!  We'll definitely make these again.

What's your favorite recipe you've tried from Pinterest?

Thanks for dropping in.


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