February 02, 2012

A New Way to Use My New Print

So you might recall that I created THIS large subway art a while back.  I have a couple more similar prints now available in my shop.  However, I also wanted to show you ANOTHER way to use the print if you don't feel up for building your own wood canvas to attach it to.  I'm going to give you some sneaky little tips to make it work for you.

Okay, so here's the background info.  You'll be printing this as an "engineer blueprint," so that printing it will only be $2.99.  Yes, that's all and it's 2 FEET by 3 FEET.  Now every store is going to print it a little differently.  If they print it as large as possible, you can buy a poster frame and it will fit.  When I went in to print mine last week the print came out with the very top running off the edge.  When I asked her to re-do it, she made the image a couple of points smaller so it would fit.  However, that meant that it didn't fit in the poster frame anymore.  It was a little smaller and it wasn't centered on the paper.

No problem.  Here's my solution that I ended up liking even more.  So, you buy a poster frame.  I chose one that was a little nicer than the plastic ones.  It was about $25 at Target.  You can also get a nice one at JoAnn's for $20 if you use your coupon.  I'm sure a lot of other stores have them as well.

Now SAVE the paper that comes in it and try not to bend it.  You'll use the backside of it, as if it were a matte.

Cut out the print so that there are no white edges on it.  Center it on the white paper that came in the frame.  Use double sided tape to secure it to the white paper and put it back in the frame.

Now it looks all nicely framed and matted.  No one will know the difference.  Sweet, huh?  It's not as inexpensive as building your own canvas, but it's WAY easier.  The whole thing cost me less then $30, which is pretty dark cheap for art that's 3 feet tall.

And here's a better look at the new quote.  (Just ignore the watermark.)  It's by Majorie Hinckley and I just love the sentiment of it.

I tried it out on the shelf, but decided....

....it will actually hang on the other side of the faux-armoire/closet.

So, if you want it to fill the frame with your print, ask them to print it as large as possible on the 24"x36" paper.  If you want it to look matted, ask them to reduce it a couple of points.  Sweet, huh?  Now you have options.

If you're going to try one of your own, you might want to read up on the comment section of the original post for more detailed info on how to print it.

If you want to purchase the new quote, you can find it HERE.

Thanks for stopping by.


controlling craziness said...

I love it next to the armoire closet better too! Nice job! What a great statement it makes.

gina said...

Love the print! I have been following your blog for awhile but maybe I missed it.... did you make that armoire closet??? I am IN LOVE!!!! I so need my hubby to make me one =)

Ceil said...

Love this project! I'm still having trouble with prints coming out blurry even though I use a 4x6 in picnik. Any tips? The engineer prints is a great idea...I've always gone to FedEx/kinks and used their large copy machine which is double the price.

iammommahearmeroar said...

Ceil - Yes. Just read through the comment section on the original post. I mentioned that at the end of this post so it has the link.


Tiffany said...

You pick good quotes and I like the black and white recurring throughout.

Chase and Sadie said...

LOVE it!! Such an easy way to GORGEOUS art!!!

The Miller Five said...

Awesome! I forgot about your faux armoire. That still knocks my socks off.

McKenzie said...

I love it! Looks great!

kristen said...

Can't get enough of your little blog. It's so simple and practical and down to earth. It's my 3 minutes of "me" time every day! :)
I'm off to print me a giant print!
Thanks so much!

rilojane said...


Cyndy said...

You can do the engineering prints with photos too. I did it for my son's wedding, we framed pictures of the bride and groom and hung them around the hall. great prints!


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