February 26, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - my family

Baden when to my sisters house to play the other day.  He claimed he needed to do #2, so she patiently sat on the ground waiting for him to do his business.  She's almost 9 months pregnant and she sat there having fun with him for well over a half an hour.  Finally he did what he set out to do and normal life continued :)  She's always so good to my kids.

We do girls' night out once a week and my dad usually gets pulled into it.  After raising four girls, he fits in just fine on a girls' night.  We always go to Target and I showed my dad that they have that dip 'n dot ice cream there. We decided we both needed one and then decided it would melt if we didn't take action.  So we got some spoons from the deli area and ate it as we shopped.  Ice cream + Target + my dad?  That's definite fun.

My mother-in-law packed these awesome bags for the boys.  There's one to open for each state we drive through.  Talk about thoughtful :)  She rocks.

I'm so grateful to be surrounded by such fun, kind, thoughtful family members.

I'm also thankful to be able to go on a little trip with my boys.  Thank you SO much for all your helpful suggestions yesterday.  You guys are the best!

My sister Cassie will be taking over the blog this week, but I'll be back soon!  Thanks for reading.


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