March 20, 2012

Candle Makeover

My mom always taught me that you can paint anything.  As I've been redoing the front room I ended up painting it as well.  After repainting it the candles I had in there didn't match.  

I looked for new ones, but I didn't want to drop $25 on new candles that I technically never burn, so I went home and painted the existing ones.  Perfect match and free.  I like free.

It took two coats.  This is one.

After I had them painted I thought, if I'm not going to burn them anyway I might as well add a little something-something.  So, I glued on some lace to dress them up a little.

And here they are.

And since you're here, I'll give you a little update on the room.  It was this color and had our dining table in it.  However, it always bugged me that the table didn't really fit the style of our home.  We bought it way before we lived here.  Well, we listed the table to sell and it sold the first day for a great price.  My goal is to only use about half of what we sold it for to redo the two rooms.  So far so good.

So I painted this room white on the bottom half and a pale cucumber green on the top.  The pew will go where it is in this picture and I bought a lamp post for the corner of the room, inspired by Mandi.  The room now houses the piano my great-grandmother gave my family when I was a little girl.  The mirror will go back up, the child will be forced to give up the iPhone, and I plan on stenciling the wall above the pew.  It will also get family photos on it.

The entryway will also get the same paint color (pale cucumber) instead of the current red.  It will really brighten things up, which I think will be great.

It's all in the works.  AND, unfortunately I just spent 4 hours making curtains I don't like for that front room.  Bummer.  Well, onward and upward.  There will be lots to see soon.

Thanks for reading.


Maureen said...


What shade of green is the walls? I am wanting to paint and can't decide what color to use. Currently everything is the melted vanilla ice cream color that became so popular in the nineties. I still love that color but after living with it for nearly twenty years I feel the need for a change and my husband likes the idea. Sooo, after seeing the light and not in your face green shade you have, what type of paint and what shade of green please?
Love all the pictures of Rex and Baden. They look like a a lot of fun and a lot of work. I bet they constantly keep you on your toes.


P.S. LOVED the idea of the game with the alphabet that was played outdoors!

Zoë said...

"the child will be forced to give up the iPhone" - good luck with that! :D
The candles (and the rest of the room) look gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany said...

Gotta love craigslist. Can't wait to see the rest of room, sorry about the curtains. But onward and upward!

The Miller Five said...

I love what you are doing! Gotta love a fresh coat of paint. Bummer about the curtains. :(

Flourchild said...

Your house is beautiful.SOrry the curtians aren't working out

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Oh yay! You got your lamp! Looks so fabulous! The paint is a beautiful color. Sigh. Almost makes me want to paint something. Almost. ;)

Sugar3 said...

The curtains don't have to be a total loss! If you don't need that fabric for a re-make of them then you could try selling them as well. You never know what will look good in someone elses front room window! (And you might walk away with enough cash to buy fabric for some that you LOVE.)

iammommahearmeroar said...

The paint color is "Pale Cucumber" by Behr and I got the eggshell finish.

And thanks for all your sweet comment, Maureen!


Ramblings of a Redhead said...

So great! Love it.

Emma (Glitter and Gold) said...

Just found your blog and I am loving it!! I love finding other mummy bloggers to follow! These candles look awesome! i would never have thought to paint them! Stop by and say hello some day . . . xoxox E

The Trappett collective said...

I need to be braver, your post will inspire. We bought a house a year ago, I want to paint but am having chicken issues. I want to start with the girls room, time to buck up and do it! I have ideas but haven't dived in yet. Thanks for the gentle nudge to the end of the diving board!!

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

I love that beam and the way it is held up, Keeping that in mind for my new mantle!


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