March 09, 2012

Feature Friday - Head Scarf

I saw this little head scarf tutorial on interest a while back and thought it was so cute.  You can find the tutorial HERE on Keiko Lynn.

So, I found this cute scarf at Target and I've been rocking the head scarf lately.  I think it's especially fun for spring.  It's so easy to use and wear and it makes a boring messy hairdo fun.

I need to perfect the messy bun and my ability to take pictures of myself with my phone.  This was the only one that had most of my head in it :)

Do you have any fun hairstyles you've been trying out or pinning?  Feel free to share a link in the comments.  

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  1. Super cute! I chopped my hair off a month ago...wonder if I could still get away with this?

    1. I always wonder the same thing! I am a short-haired girl too, but even so, there are days that I would love it if I could get away with a pretty scarf wrapped around the mess that is the hair I didn't want to style that day!

  2. I really like it! It seems like there's just not many options for short hair :( All the really neat/stylish things are for long hair!

  3. Anonymous9.3.12

    I was very into the top knot trend (modified sock bun) but I chopped off my hair yesterday. Once the fun of new hair is lost I will be looking for fun things to try.

  4. lol I used to always take the camera part of my phone touch it to the middle of my head where I wanted the picture and then pull my arm back slowly lol It worked a lot but not always... Yay for the iPhone's front camera now...

    As a long haired girl I have tried this and it always comes out funky looking on me... I love the look though and it looks super cute on you :)

  5. Anonymous9.3.12

    I love this look but haven't had the guts to try it yet. I also love Keiko Lynn's take on maiden braids - that's really fun too. In January (and leaking into February, because I am nothing if not totally scattered) I ran a "Mom Hair" series on my blog - basically a whole whack of alternatives to the usual pony tail. Link is here -

    I got to around 24 styles before getting distracted by things that are shiny. I'll probably add a few more soon - but I'm all about ways to put my hair up/get it out of my face that are a) easy and b) not a pony tail. One of my current favourites is waterfall twists.

    Totally going to be brave and try the scarf for spring though! Love it, and you are adorable as always.



  6. I have long hair too! I always am a fan of the half hair up with a slight bump, pinned. Then the rest in a low messy bun. To add a little more pretty, it looks great with a headband. I am also a HUGE fan of this new look: It's the knotted side bun, I'm going to give the link to the youtube clip. This lovely lady comes up with all kinds of hair fun. Have a great weekend!

  7. So cute looks great!

  8. I am a bit spun out because I thought it was you in the first two pics. Doppelganger or what! Now, I'm pretty sure that is you in the third...

    Lovely scarf by the way!

  9. You look adorable in the head scarf! I have told you before, your next career needs to be a hairstylist!! Thanks for sharing!


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