March 02, 2012

Feature Friday - Lego bins

I am sure you will agree that these are the BEST and the worst toys ever! I am so sick of finding them all over the carpet, bedroom, and even the kitchen! My last straw was when I found a Lego guy inside my fridge! That's it....we need a place to put these "lovely" things!!!!

I had seen a couple of great idea's around the blog world like this one from lay-n-go...
But some how they were still all over and for me this was just to much dis-organization! Where's the red or green piece? You still have to search and search for it.
Then I saw this post from IHeart Organizing and I had to do it!
All I needed were the words cut out in the right colors, to sort ALL those Lego's, and a few cheap bins from Ikea! So here's our storage...
This helps my little 3 year old with his colors and helping put them away. The boards fit right under the bottom baskets to store them too.

On top we have the amazing builds for the week. I have a problem that after the boys make stuff they NEVER want to take it apart. So I told them it can be on display or played with all week and then comes the end of the week and we put all the pieces back away! This way they always have the pieces they need for the next build. Now on to all those lovely booklets that come with the legos. 
A few years ago my friend suggested this idea to me. She said this is how she organizes all those booklets and then they don't get all ripped apart. You buy just a cheap 3 ring binder with the clear paper cover sheets and then insert a booklet for each one. Then they are safe and the kids can flip through the book to see what they want to make this time. It's genius and I LOVE it!!!

The boys know just where everything is so it (sometimes) ends up with one less "MOM!!! Where is my..." during the day.
I just made this cover super fast on picnik in their collage section. I know picnik will be gone soon but I might as well use it until the very last minute.  That's all for today! Have a great day and good luck with all that storage!


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