March 16, 2012

Feature Friday - magnetic pin dish

Yesterday I was taking a little look through Pinterest and I came upon this Magnetic Pin Plate from the Mother Huddle.  I thought it was quite clever.

Yesterday I set off to make my own.  

I had an odd shaped dish that I thought would be perfect for it.  I also decided to spray paint the outside of it yellow and leave the inside white.  I did this by laying it upside down and spraying it.  No taping off needed.  Easy peasy.

Then I glued on my magnets.  I used eight just to be sure, since the dish was kind of thick and long.

And now I have a cute little pin dish.  I love a quick, simple project.

That's all for today.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Love this--thankyou!!

  2. That is so cute. Love that you painted the outside and kept the inside white. Lovin it!!

  3. Oh that's really cool! I was given a magnetic pin dish (that you can buy from Joann's) for Christmas. I have a pin cushion I love (and that matches my craft room). I discovered on accident that my bobby pins stick to it! So now I use it for bobby pins in the bathroom, and it's awesome!

  4. I was actually wishing I had a magnetic container for my pins, thanks! I also want to say that I love how you have your thread stored! Looks great and you can see what you have vs in a drawer. Have a super day!

  5. That's cuuute!

    - Adele @ Mammy Made

  6. That is clever!!! And so easy!

  7. Aw Cheri, you made my day! Thank you :)


  8. I found your blog from pintrest, wanting to learn how to do a front braid, and kind of fell in love with your entire blog (and personality)
    Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

  9. That is just brilliant! Well then I'm off looking for odd dishes...

  10. Great idea. Your dish looks so cute!

  11. Please reply to this email address not the one listed. I have a question what glue did you use to adhere the magnets to the dish? Thanks Kim


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