March 26, 2012

Git 'Er Done - Day One

So, as I mentioned last week, this week will be "Git 'Er Done Week."  That means I'm going to tackle a lot of things I'm been meaning to do for a while.  They aren't glamorous, but sometimes you just gotta git 'er done.  

We had a little family party this weekend, which was a great way to kick off git 'er done week.  Why?  Because nothing gives you the nudge to clean up like having people over.  Am I right?  Yeah.  So, here's what I've done so far.

1) Out of reach dusting.

My first project was to get friendly with this guy.  I'm afraid this week is going to be like a week of confessions.  You're going to see all the things I should be doing when I'm blogging instead :)  Turns out there's a LOT of dust and cob webs above my head that get ignored.  I started walking around the house and searching for those hard to reach areas.  Yikes.  That was a good one to get done.

2) Baseboard repainting.

Another confession.  We let our boys ride their trikes around the house during the winter.  It gets them a little exercise and keeps them happy, but it also scuffs up the baseboards pretty badly.  I went to the Depot and got a new bucket of paint and started repainting them.  It's amazing how it makes the house feel so much more fresh and clean.



3) Wipe Down Doorways and Casing Around Them

It's amazing how dirty the doors and and doorways can get - especially around that 3' high level.  There are twenty little fingers in this house that are often sticky.  I wiped the doors down.

Did any of you guys watch the Friday Night Lights TV Series?  During the opening credits there's a part where they leave the locker room and I think they slap the "P" on the wall for Panthers on their way out.  EVERYTIME I saw that part I just wanted to jump into the TV with a Clorox wipe and clean that wall for them.  It was gross. Okay, now you think I'm crazy, but I had to get that off my chest :)

4) Laundry

We have one room upstairs that isn't used.  It turns into what I am terming "Lake Laundry."  It's all clean, but it just needs to be put away.  Well, I tackled it and won.  Now I just need to keep it that way.  THIS IS NOT MY PICTURE, but I had to post it when I found it.  Doesn't doing laundry feel like this sometimes?  If it were my picture and I couldn't find my children I'm pretty sure I'd look here first.  You could have a whole other kid in there that you forgot about.

Now that all the basic areas are clean I can dig into something bigger tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'll be taking you into the nasty garage.  It's going to be good.  See you then.

Thanks for stopping by.


Partain Family said...

I know how you feel about the baseboards and doors/door frames! They need to be spruced up in my house, TOO! Also, you're not the only one who wanted to scrub that "P", either! SOOOOO gross! :) Have a great week. Can't wait to see what the rest of it holds!

lifeisbornofme said...

I watched Friday Night Lights, and I felt the exact same way about the P! When I came on I always told my husband I couldn't watch! Ha.

Anne said...

My friend calls her pile of clean laundry "Undie Mountain." Makes me glad to know others have one too. I think folding and putting away laundry (especially socks!) is the worst chore ever!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Oh I totally understand the baseboard thing. Before we bought our house, it was owned by an older man who used a power wheelchair. Some of the baseboards are trashed. I really need to get some paint and go after the whole house! Good job for getting so much done. I need to dust my ceiling fans, maybe I'll do it this week!

The Miller Five said...

Great list! It's cooler here this week, so it's forcing me back inside. I swear that laundry mountain is my laundry room! It's crazy! Good luck to you. :)

Shauna@shwinandshwin said...

Oh man painting the baseboards is part of my spring cleaning every year. I LOVE how clean it makes the room look!

nicolette {momnivores dilemma} said...

Funny I've been repainting my baseboards all week. And repainting the walls. Boys are really hard on surfaces, right?

Are you going to do a link party with this idea??

Michaela @ said...

I tackeled my "lake laundry" this week too. It was painful, but I'm so glad to have that space back!

Cristi said...

We let our two year old ride his trikes in the house and his power wheel Jeep that he STILL doesn't know how to drive real well- so I can relate to the baseboards needing repainting! ;) Time to tackle it.

Maureen said...


You think the P is bad and the baseboards?!? You wait until the boys are in their teens and they have to jump and touch the top of the door frame every time they enter and exit any room. My mother didn't mind my brother doing this but hated that for the next ten years there were always hand prints above the doorways. :)


becky said...

Holy that really your clothes stacked up there? Are you guys running around naked now? BTW....loved, loved, loved Friday Night Lights. Never thought about cleaning the P....maybe cuz my hubs was a football coach and I was watching the show differently....I have to actually make myself lists of things to I think of them...cuz when time comes to do these things....kind of forget what it was I wanted to do. But...I do so love crossing things off lists.

Night Garden Design said...

That laundry photo you found makes me feel like our own laundry mountain is really more of a laundry molehill. Thanks for the inspiration to check a few things off the list today!

Lettie B. said...

Hey - how did my laundry picture get on here? I tease, but I swear I always have a pile of my clothes (clean) next to my bed. I can get the kids stuff taken care of and my husband folds his own, but mine are just so hard to put away.
I also noticed the P in FNL. (Oh, how I loved that show!) I actually used to work at a place that never seemed to clean the light switches and it drove me so crazy that I tackled them myself once and felt so much better(and I am got at cleaning generally, but it got to me just enough.)

Lettie B. said...

Wow. I'm impressed by this. I just painted a single wall in my living room after being here for almost 9 years and couldn't believe how much better it looked. I should do the same thing with trims and baseboards so it starts looking spiffier around here. I'm impressed by your yearly dedication!

Mika said...

mmmmm I have lots of things on my list...but here are the things I'm thinking about today:

URGENT: clear my kitchen bench of dirty dishes
URGENT: hang out my washing

NOT URGENT (but erks me): Wiping down the walls in our house...I want my walls to look like your baseboard!

But instead of tackling any of that, I am off to take my daughter to an orthodontist appt (and give the orthodontist a pressie, because my brain fell out last week, went into homework mode after school, and TOTALLY forgot our last appt *whoooops!!*)

Erin said...

I think I need to follow along with you and do these things to my house too. We let our little guy (just turned two) ride his bike in the house during the winter too. :-/ We've got paint that needs touched up at the very least. :-)


Dawn said...

(First, I am so guilty of getting caught up while using Reader and not getting to posting.)
I just finished my annual wash the walls and use touch up paint on everything that doesn't come off. I have the paint in labeled baby food jars (SW 3660, Saffron Thread, Living Room). With six kids it just has to be done and then it feels like the whole house is sparkling (I fill the holes and chips too).


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