March 26, 2012

Git 'Er Done - Day One

So, as I mentioned last week, this week will be "Git 'Er Done Week."  That means I'm going to tackle a lot of things I'm been meaning to do for a while.  They aren't glamorous, but sometimes you just gotta git 'er done.  

We had a little family party this weekend, which was a great way to kick off git 'er done week.  Why?  Because nothing gives you the nudge to clean up like having people over.  Am I right?  Yeah.  So, here's what I've done so far.

1) Out of reach dusting.

My first project was to get friendly with this guy.  I'm afraid this week is going to be like a week of confessions.  You're going to see all the things I should be doing when I'm blogging instead :)  Turns out there's a LOT of dust and cob webs above my head that get ignored.  I started walking around the house and searching for those hard to reach areas.  Yikes.  That was a good one to get done.

2) Baseboard repainting.

Another confession.  We let our boys ride their trikes around the house during the winter.  It gets them a little exercise and keeps them happy, but it also scuffs up the baseboards pretty badly.  I went to the Depot and got a new bucket of paint and started repainting them.  It's amazing how it makes the house feel so much more fresh and clean.



3) Wipe Down Doorways and Casing Around Them

It's amazing how dirty the doors and and doorways can get - especially around that 3' high level.  There are twenty little fingers in this house that are often sticky.  I wiped the doors down.

Did any of you guys watch the Friday Night Lights TV Series?  During the opening credits there's a part where they leave the locker room and I think they slap the "P" on the wall for Panthers on their way out.  EVERYTIME I saw that part I just wanted to jump into the TV with a Clorox wipe and clean that wall for them.  It was gross. Okay, now you think I'm crazy, but I had to get that off my chest :)

4) Laundry

We have one room upstairs that isn't used.  It turns into what I am terming "Lake Laundry."  It's all clean, but it just needs to be put away.  Well, I tackled it and won.  Now I just need to keep it that way.  THIS IS NOT MY PICTURE, but I had to post it when I found it.  Doesn't doing laundry feel like this sometimes?  If it were my picture and I couldn't find my children I'm pretty sure I'd look here first.  You could have a whole other kid in there that you forgot about.

Now that all the basic areas are clean I can dig into something bigger tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'll be taking you into the nasty garage.  It's going to be good.  See you then.

Thanks for stopping by.


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