March 29, 2012

Git 'Er Done - Day Three

So, as I mentioned last week, this week will be "Git 'Er Done Week."  That means I'm going to tackle a lot of things I'm been meaning to do for a while.  They aren't glamorous, but sometimes you just gotta git 'er done.  

Another confession.  I don't know how to clean my sewing machine.  Correction.  I didn't know until I found THIS TUTORIAL from Dog Named Banjo and pinned it.

So I followed the tutorial step by step and guess what?

My machine sounds a LOT quieter and happier than I ever remember it sounding.  A couple of months ago when my mom was over she commented that my machine sounded bad.  I thought it just sounded like my machine.  Oops.  

Now I know what to do and I'll be doing it a lot more often.  I love my sewing machine and I promise to take really good care of her now.  I even apologized to her.

I also tried cleaning my microwave a new way.  My sister puts in a bowl of water with a little baking soda and lemon juice.  Then she throws it in for about 5 minutes.  It steams the microwave and makes the grime easy to clean off.  It seemed to work pretty well.  (I must confess that my husband actually cleaned it out.  If I don't disclose that he will be harassing me all week.)


Yeah, I know it looks more like something other than lemon juice.

Ah!  Better.

I love how you've all been commenting about what you've been getting done.  It's awesome!  Go us!  Can't wait to see it all at tomorrow link party!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. a bowl of vinegar in the microwave works wonders as well!

  2. Cleaning my sewing machine today!!! Thanks for the tutorial link!

  3. I Love Git Er' done week!!!!

  4. Ohhhhh, that must be why my sewing machine sounds like it does. I will be reading the tutorial today! Thanks for all of the tips...

  5. My mom has sewing machine cleaning vacuum attachments that she LOVES and swears they help get her Bernina super clean. I think she actually got them from her local Bernina store/repair shop, so maybe you should check it out :-)

  6. Oh right, sewing machines need to be cleaned... Oops. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Oh right, sewing machines need to be cleaned... Oops. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. I have never put the baking soda in with the lemon juice, I've always just done lemon juice and I LOVE that trick! That reminds me, I need to get another brush so I CAN clean out my machine. :)

  9. I usually just use water for the microwave and it works great.

    Thanks for the sewing machine reminder. They run so much better when they're clean!

  10. ohhh, I have a Bernina and oh how I wish I knew how to use it. That should be on my Get 'er done list. Learn to sew!

    I am definitely trying that microwave trick!

  11. Your machine looks new enough that I bet it is still under warranty with Bernina for it to get a free maintenance cleaning. My machine was acting funny and making those not so good noises and I took it in and got it cleaned really cleaned for FREE (since it was still under warranty). It only took a day to get it back, too! Thought I would let you know.

    I also bet that some of your other readers that have Berninas and don't know how to work them can see if there are classes at their local Bernina shops for them to take. I know the classes are free if you buy the machine from them, but I am guessing they are not that pricey if you want to take the class. The class I took also showed you how to clean your machine (exactly the way the tutorial link you posted showed).

    BTW your microwave looks good!

  12. Even plain water works well cleaning the microwave like that. :) I always use cut up lemons and the juice. That way I can pour it down the garbage disposal afterward and clean that too! :)

    I need to clean my sewing machine too. Once I unpack it...

  13. Thanks for sharing! I soo need to clean my machine out. Have a great day!

  14. Hey thanks for sharing the tutorial link! I really should be better about cleaning my machine too.

  15. I cleaned my microwave too...and my fridge and freezer. p.s. I have those same

  16. I've been working on my craft room remodel. Got the closet painted yesterday! Need to paint some drawers and a dresser and everything will be ready to get moved back in!

  17. I just recently tried the lemon juice too, and it worked awesome! I didn't add any baking soda, but I'll have to try that next time. And the other day I tried to brush out some lint from my bobbin area but of course just pushed it deeper into my machine, so I think I need to be taking a look at that tutorial :).


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