March 04, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - space, overcoming, and my man

Well, we're back from our trip.  I'll give you the full recap tomorrow, but it definitely made me very thankful for certain things.  I am grateful that we don't all sleep together in one tiny room.  

One thing I really enjoyed this week was helping Baden overcome some fears.  Baden is naturally afraid of many things.  See how he has my husband's face clutched in his hands?  He doesn't like being up high.  He got the chance to overcome a lot of things this week and it was fun to watch.

I was SO grateful for my husband on our trip.  We helped each other NOT kill our kids this week.  It was nice to have someone to laugh with during the frustration.  I am grateful for a sense of humor....or we might not have survived our trip :)

The boys absolutely adore him and that makes me immensely happy.

We got everything unpacked and cleaned up yesterday.  It's good to be home.  

Thanks for reading.


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