March 18, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - squinkies, nieces, and you

1-3) Rex has been obsessed with Squinkies lately.  They are these squishy little figurines and he has the super hero pack.  He takes them everywhere and just loves them.  There's a small hole on the bottom of them and he figured out how to get them to stick to his finger like a suction cup.  Well, it didn't take too long until he realized he could get one to stick to his chin.  He sported a sweet Squinkie-hickie this week and it made me giggle every time I saw him.
4) Baden loves to take his shirt off half way and then see how silly he looks in the mirror.  I remember doing this as a kid and it cracks me up to see him enjoy it as well.

I hope you're not baby-pictured-out, because I took a few more of my new little niece this week that I wanted to share.  She put up a fight though.  I got pooped, peed, and spit up on, but I won.  We got some fun shots and it was so fun to have a baby model.

I bought these vintage blocks two years ago and I was so excited to finally be able to use them in a baby photo shoot.

Last but not least, thanks for your comments on yesterday's post.  You guys are so great and I loved that quote that a few of you shared with me.  I think I might even put it up in my home. 

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  1. How funny! My boys are loving the squinkies too. We have a pack of originals( with all sorts of guys in) and we just got a pack of Power Ranger Samurai ones yesterday.My niece wants some and I just saw they also have princess ones too,what will they think of next!

  2. My husband loves the squinkies. Yes, I said my husband. He loves comic book characters and we spent nearly an hour at Target shaking the packages to try seeing inside the solid balls. Don't get me started on the marvel megablok packs. I'm a pro at feeling out the special ones now. Your boys are adorable and so is your niece!

  3. I sent these baby-photoes to my new-momma friend as an idea for her baby first photo-session, as I liked them very much)) You boys are very funny, too. I'm sure you laugh much every day.
    Aljona from faraway Belarus

  4. The thing with the shirt, I do that with my kid too!! It's funny to see his tank top hanging on the top of his head with his fro sticking out of the arm holes...

  5. Adorable! Love your cute boys and Millee is absolutely to die for! You take amazing pictures!

  6. The boys and your niece are adorable. The photos are great.

  7. Anonymous18.3.12

    When my 3yo takes his shirt off up to his head (or puts his pants on his head) he calls himself "Doc- Doc" (Doc Oc) :)

  8. Super cute!!! I need to look into those squinkies, I bet my boys would love them. Where do you get them?

  9. Your boys are hilarious. Its kool when you can see a sense of humor in your kids. I have been honestly been noticing this more with my children recently, how they make me ‘LOL’ not even on purpose.

  10. How cool! My son will be 2 in May and we are planning a Super Hero party for him. I think those might be too small for him now , but we found Little People in Super Hero sets at Target. I'm so excited to give them to him. Not sure if you all have Sonic Drive-in restaurants there but in there kids meals they have the Justice League Tater Tots! Stinking awesome! I bought the whole set for him I was so excited and he really likes them. I do the shirt thing too with David. Totally <3 the picture of Millee with the M in front of her. P.S. The simple baby blanket turned out great! Thanks for the idea!!! :)


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