April 17, 2012

Cool Fonts and How to Get Them

I've had some questions asked about how to install fonts and which ones I've used on my signs.  Well, today I though we could do an overview on all that.  First I'll show you some fonts I love, then we'll talk about downloading and installing them, and then I'll show you Mac users how to add text to pictures in Preview.

Here are some fonts I've been enjoying lately.  These are the ones I use if I'm making a sign with a vintage look.  Click on the font to see where I downloaded it for free.

(This one creates the lines above and below the letters when you use the lower case letters.)

And here are a few projects you've seen me use these fonts on....

Yesterday's Painted Glass Art

(which I will soon have some upcoming news about for those of you hoping to recreate it)

Now, how do you download and use fonts?  This is really tricky to answer because everyone has a different computer they are using.  In the past I've always googled "how to install fonts on a ______________(fill in the blank with the kind of computer you are using)"   You might have to sort through a few of the options before you find one that's easy to follow.  My last computer was impossible to install fonts on.  If you have a Mac, you could do it in your sleep.  Just do a little digging and you'll find some instructions.  (Someone also left some helpful links in the comment section.  Thanks Caroline!)

If you have a Mac, adding text to your photos is pretty easy in preview.  Pull up the picture (NOT in iPhoto, but in Preview).  Click the pencil in the yellow circle to open the menu on the next line.  Click the "Aa" in the purple circle to create a text box.  Then click the "A" in the blue circle to pull up your font menu.  This will list all the fonts you've installed on your computer as well.  The text box is easy to enlarge or move, but you need to create the box before you can add the text.

And that's all for today.  By the way, reading about all your favorite movies and books was so fun on Saturday.  I've added a ton to my must read list.  Thanks for being a part of this blog.  See you tomorrow.


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