April 06, 2012

Feature Friday - Celebrate Banner

A while back I saw this banner from the girls at Eighteen25.  Isn't it cute?  The great thing about it is it works for every event.  Celebrate.  So smart.  I love it.

When we had an upcoming party I decided to make one myself.  I took a different spin on it, using paper instead of fabric.  

I used my Silhouette to create the letters and pennant flags.  (To create the flag, simple make a rectangle and then edit points and drag the middle in to create a v-shape.  Then mirror the image above and meld to undo the line in between.  That way you can just fold the piece you've created and you'll have a back and front to it.)

For the letters I had some Silhouette adhesive cardstock, which made the project crazy fast.  I just peeled and stuck those babies on.  I put them on the front and back so the banner is double-sided and can hang in a doorway.  I hung the flag on a string of hemp.

And honestly, I like the banner so much that it's been up for two weeks.  My family asked why it's still up and I always find a reason to leave it.  Aren't we always celebrating something? :)

If you want to make a fabric one, you'll find the original tutorial from Eighteen25 HERE.

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