April 13, 2012

Feature Friday - Straw Beads

I was looking on Pinterest one day and I saw THIS idea from Inner Child Fun.  She cut up straws to make beads for her little girl to string.  My boys were on my lap at the time and they begged me to let them try it!

So, we cut some up and let them make necklaces for their cousins.  

We used a string because I didn't have any pipe cleaners.  

It was a great, easy activity that kept them happy for a while.  

I love activities that can be done with what you have on hand.  Can you tell I asked him to smile here?  Ha!  Faker.

What easy activities do you like to pull out for your kids?

Thanks for dropping in.


Cathy said...

Easy, but messy--1 cup cornstarch mixed with 1/2 cup water (and a few drops of food coloring). Makes a colloid (changes from solid to liquid and back again, over and over) mixture that is tons of fun. Keeps my kids happy for an hour. We sometimes put it on a cookie sheet and play with plastic animals in it.

Jana Lyn said...

Marbles run through a foam water noodle. Or cut the noodle in half length-wise and have marble races. Tons of fun and entertainment for my kids. You may want to have a box to collect the marbles at the bottom or you'll be finding marbles all over the place.

Brit said...

I kept lids from various containers and then cut a rectangle into the top of a formula container so she could put the lids into the hole. I also just picked up some colored cotton balls from the Target dollar section and have her put those into the top of a Slurpee lid. She's 15-months so they work for her, but soon I will try the straws and the other ideas.

Team Tindle said...

Buy plastic disposable cups from dollar store, build to your hearts content. Then we let the kids run through the walls and towers that they build. The boys love to hear the cups hitting the ground. You can also use straws and bits of pipe cleaners as a very neat construction toy. You cut the pipe cleaners into three inch segments. Then you can put each end of the pipe cleaner into a straw; bend and build however you like. We also like to paint with ice in the summer. Just make some ice cubes with food coloring and a toothpick as a handle. Then head outside with some freezer paper, the boys love seeing the melty pictures this produces. Have fun!

Emilia said...

i just showed my boys the "magic" of wax resist and watered down water colors. (ie draw with crayons white especially, then apply watercolors over) i only used one color paint(blue) and we made MANY ocean scenes...jellies were our fave creature to draw.


Amanda said...

We have a PVC pipe about six feet long that our CARs race through. They love the surprise when it shoots out the other end. Also we have a lot of empty boxes in our unfinished basement. We build a castle wall (just one so its really big) and they get out swords to storm the castle and rescue the princess. Its extra nice on rainy days to get out some energy.


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