April 27, 2012

Five Finds Friday - from bloggers at Snap

First up, let's announce some winners!

Royal Design Studio winner:

Silhouette Cameo winner:

If you didn't win the Silhouette, remember you can still take advantage of the promo HERE.

As I mentioned before, I'm trying to think of some ways to help out some newer bloggers.  I thought I'd do a Five Finds Friday, showcasing my favorite finds from some bloggers I met at Snap.  (If you didn't go to Snap, I'll still find a way to showcase you.  I'm working out some new ideas.  More info coming later.)

1) Steph from Crafting in the Rain did a really cute chevron wall here.  Her stripes are perfect and impressive.  Find the details HERE.

2) McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam was really fun and sweet.  I am in love with this organization board she made and dying to make my own.  Find her tutorial HERE.  (Sidenote: She mentioned over dinner that her sweet husband even started his own blog about being a dad.  It's called Poop Culture Dad and it funny and sweet.  Find it HERE.)

3) Staci from The Potter's Place was so kind and fun.  She had the cutest pink linen pants and scarf on the first day and I wanted to take a picture and pin her :)  Check out this awesome bench she made from a table her neighbor didn't want and left out in the rain.  Score!  I love it.  The details are HERE.

4) Check out this really cool Aluminum Sheet Metal Dresser Makeover from Nat and Holly at My Sister's Suitcase.  I didn't even know you could buy cool aluminum like that.  Cool idea.  Find the tutorial HERE.

5) Talk about resourceful.  Check out these recycled party tassels by Bettijo at Paging Supermom.  You can find her tutorial HERE.

Whew!  There's so much talent out there and so many great ideas to be shared.  

Thanks for reading my blog.


  1. Love this Cheri! I hope you continue to do Five Finds Friday every week! Its great when you scour the web for us and find cool projects =)

  2. very cute way to incorporate your new blogger friends. Like it!

  3. What a fun surprise for my Friday morning. Thanks for the love, Cheri! I loved meeting you, and I met 3 of the 4 other features here too--definitely a fun weekend!

  4. Such cute ideas! I love all the inspiration! I do believe that's my name as a winner......woooohoo!! I emailed you my info :)

  5. Thank you for those wonderful ideas and the inspiration! :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. great finds!!! love these projects...and i love that you did the work of finding them for me ;) love your blog, girl, keep up the good work. read everyday and love every line and pic!

  7. Very kind thing to do for your new blogger friends, have a fabulous weekend!

  8. Cheri! Oh my goodness... thank you for featuring our dresser makeover! I absolutely loved your class at SNAP, and I have been enjoying listening to your CD :) You are so talented! Nat and I like to sing too, we used to be in a choir together until I moved away a few years ago. Your voice is incredible! Thanks for sharing that with us :)Hope we can get a chance to chat with you if you are at SNAP next year!

  9. I love that you are helping other bloggers out by featuring them. I think it's important to help each other out :)

    I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to chat with you at Snap. I did catch your panel though. It was one of my favorite classes!

  10. Cheri, you've landed on the perfect solution. I might borrow the idea for my own blog, if you don't mind! <3

  11. It was SO awesome to meet you! I can't wait to go to Snap again and connect again. Thank you for featuring me (and Dave! He'll be so excited). You are just the sweetest!

  12. THANKS Cheri. I was a little star struck when I met you!!! You are so nice. Thanks for featuring me. I feel SOOO cool!
    ps-I love your CD.


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