April 09, 2012

Front Room Reveal

The front room that used to be a dining area is now done.  I'm really excited about the fresh, clean look of it now.  I kept everything pretty simple in the room.  Here's a look.

And here's the view as you turn a little.....

...and a little more.

I hung the grass is greener sign above the pew, along with some family photos in black and white.

It's kind of hard to get a good photos of photos with shiny glass over them, but you get the idea.

I originally had a total craft fail with the curtains.  I wanted to paint drop clothes, with stripes that got thinner towards the top.  I've seen people paint drop clothes before, but I don't know how that works out.    For one thing, they got crazy stiff once the paint was on.  Secondly, because they are that dirty color naturally, the paint color ended up looking different on the curtains than on the wall.  Instead of looking turquoise and pale green they looked more like Steve's shirt on Blue's Clues.  I wasn't happy because I spent a whole afternoon on them.  Ugh!

I ended up purchasing some fabric from JoAnn's and making these.  Ah!  Much better.

I painted the whole entry room the same color, but I have some additional plans for the faux-armoire and the wall it's on.  (Top secret plans: I think I'm going to paint it a pale beige-gray and stencil that wall.  We'll see.)

And here's some random info about the room and the stuff in it, so I can tell you before you ask.

Faux armoire is HERE.  Pew is HERE.  "Grass is Greener" sign is HERE.  The lamp post if from Lowes, but rewired so I can plug it in.  The huge mirror (which might get painted) is from Ikea.  The piano is crazy old and was given to our family by my great-grandmother when I was a little girl.  I don't know the line of the fabric from the curtains, but it's currently at JoAnn's.  The rug was purchased several years ago at Costco.  I think that's it!

Thanks for reading.


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