April 07, 2012

Soapbox Saturday - Snap, wallpaper, and Costco

Alright.  Today's soapbox is about a whole lot of random things.  Here we go.

1) In a couple of weeks I'll be attending my first blog conference - Snap.  I get to speak on a panel with some awesome other ladies and I'm really thrilled to attend.

Are any of you readers going?  Will you leave me a comment here if you are?  I'd love to meet you!

AND, if you're not coming I'll try to do a fun recap and take notes so you can feel like you were there too.  (I always felt a little bummed reading about all the fun conferences that I had never attended.)

2) Want the prettiest desktop wallpaper with a calendar?  Click HERE to get this from Virginia and Charlie - a super cute blog with beautiful pictures.  I just put it on my computer and I smile every time I see it.  She offers different pictures an has them without the calendar as well as regular screen size or wide.  Yeah, she thought of it all.

3) I think I find almost as much good stuff at Costco as I do on Pinterest.  My favorites are the uncooked tortillas, Dave's Killer Bread, the alfredo sauce in the fridge section, the Hurley 3-piece clothing sets for my boys, the memory foam bath mats, and the taste testers :)  I'm not being paid by Costco to endorse their store, but I wish I could.  I'd take a free membership for life....please?  What's your favorite thing there?

Okay.  That's all I've got got now.  I hope you're having a wonderful Easter weekend.  See you tomorrow.  Thanks for dropping in.


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