April 01, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - free burgers, mannerisms, and smart boys

You know how certain weeks seem like they are really two weeks long?  This week was a bit like that.  We had some fun moments to help break it up though.  

Our library had this In and Out program.  If you read a certain amount of books you got a free cheeseburger.  I helped Rex read a lot of books, so he ended up with 3 free cheeseburger coupons.  He was so excited to cash one in the other day.  I was actually pretty excited myself.  I remember doing that with Pizza Hut and the Book It program when I was young.  It just tastes better when you earn it.

When it came down to it, the boys were really more into the shake than the burger.  Can you blame them?

Baden has this little mannerism that I love.  He often sits like this with his face in his little hand.  I just love it - the fry sauce face, the bed head, the crazy eyebrow and all.

Lastly, I love to hear how my boys think and how they are growing in their thought process.  The other day we went to take ice cream to a neighbor boy who just had his tonsils taken out.  On the way, we found two of the Squinkies that Rex had lost several weeks ago.  I explained that good things happen to us when we do good things.  Later that day he asked if there was some good deed we could do because he really wanted to find one more Squinkie he'd lost.

Thanks for your patience last week as I was finally able to cross some things off the list.  I think I'll have some fun projects to share this week.

Thank you for stopping by.


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