April 15, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - haircuts and carpet

I gave the boys haircuts this week.  I think Baden lost a few pounds with his.  They are both ready for warm weather now.  They are actually getting old enough that they are pretty good for their haircuts.  There is now minimal bribing occurring to make it happen :)  I never got a chance to get a good picture of them this week.  Here's a weird phone picture.

When my husband and I got married and moved into our first home, the carpet was pretty gross.  I begged him to let me change it, but it wasn't really in the budget and we didn't think we'd live there forever.  When we moved into this home three and a half years ago I begged him to change the dirty carpet, but it also wasn't in the budget.

Everyone says new carpet makes a home feel like it's really yours.  It's been my dream for many years.  Well, tomorrow is the day!  We're finally getting carpet and I could not be more excited.  Our house is a wreck right now because we spent a big portion of the day yesterday moving everything to the hard wood floor area.  Remember how I showed you the front room reveal last week?  Ha!  It looks like this now.

This week is going to be a crazy, busy week.  You know how sometimes you're not sure how it can all possibly get done?  Yeah, it's one of those.  So, please be patient if you email me and I don't get right back to you.  I'm trying and I'm a bit stressed :)  

Thanks for stopping by.


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