April 29, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - our garbageman

A few months ago we got a new garbageman.  We had to break him in so that we could be tight with him like we've been with our other ones.  He's actually the nicest guy ever.  He stops to talk to my boys.  We had cousins over on garbage day this week, so his audience was doubled.

First, there's the anticipation.  This requires a lot of jumping.

Then there's the show.  This requires extreme concentration.

Our sweet garbageman surprised us with two garbage hats this week.  He always puts our can back in our driveway, extending the arm as far as it can go so that we don't have to walk down as far to get it.  He stops to ask how the boys are doing.  He makes the boys feel so cool....and I think they do the same for him.  It's one of the highlights of our week.  I think his fan club is pretty cute.

It really is the simple, little things that make life so good.

What was the best simple, little thing in you week?  Thanks for dropping in.


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