May 03, 2012

Grass Is Greener Sign - now for SALE

So do you remember the "Grass is Greener" sign I made month ago or so?  I had a lot of great feedback on it from you guys, so I teamed up with Laura from Say It On the Wall to sell the vinyl for it HERE.  Now you can all make it really easily (even if you don't have a Silhouette).  Woo-hoo!  Here's a picture of a new sign I made using her vinyl.  (Yeah, it looks just like the first one.  That's the point :)

I also want to show you step by step how to make this exact sign.  It's really easy AND it would make a great Mother's day present.  
First off, you go to a home improvement store (like the Depot) and grab a 1x12 pine board.  There's a 6' board for about $8, which you can have them cut there for free.  Have them cut it in half and you'll have two 3' boards.  (You could do the project with a friend or make one for yourself and one to give away.)  If you don't need 2 boards you can buy the 4' board, but you'll still need them to cut a foot off it.

The 1x12 board is technically 11" wide (not 12") and this vinyl from Say It On the Wall is meant and designed for this exact board.  Sweet, huh?  

Give the edges a quick sanding, so you don't get any splinters as you work with it.

I wanted my wood to look weathered so I took some black acrylic paint and watered it down.  I water it down a LOT.  It's better to water it down too much than not enough because if you stain the wood too dark there's no going back.  

Brush it on and them wipe it off.  If it's too light you can apply another coat.  Now obviously, you could also choose to just paint the board any color you want - watered down or solid.

Let the board dry.  When you order your vinyl it will come like this.  There's a clear layer of transfer tape over it.

First you'll need to rub it down so that the vinyl will really stick to the top layer as you peel it off.  A credit card works great for this.  After rubbing it, slowly peel off the backing, being sure that the vinyl is sticking to the transfer tape as it should.

Once you'll got it all off you line it up and place it on the board.

Time for more rubbing.  My little guys like helping with this part.

Then you carefully remove the top layer.  I like to pull it off at this angle, applying some pressure to the vinyl as I do it.

And BAM!  You're done.  Pretty easy, right?

So, if you'd like to order some vinyl you can buy it for $20 right HERE.

Thanks for reading!  See you tomorrow with a few, fun announcements.


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