May 20, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - growing up, jammies, and wrestling

Lately these little guys seem so be growing up faster.  Rex told me I didn't need to walk him into preschool anymore.  He announced that he could do it himself.  After he told me that I guess my face said it all because he asked, "Why do you look so sad, Mom?"  Because you're growing up too quickly and I don't want you to go to college and get married and leave me, I thought.  Actually, it's fun to see him growing and gaining more confidence.

Baden has officially hit the "asking why" phase.  He's been following me around asking about everything.  I enjoy his curiosity and his sense of humor.  He is so easy-going and happy.

One of my favorite times of day is right before the boys go to bed.  We whip out the in-your-face-character jammies.  (I can handle them at night :)  
Baden has the best belly and it tends to hang out like Winnie the Poo's.  I love it.

Wrestling is a nightly event that can't be skipped.  It's amazing how happy little boys get when you throw them around.  

And then they go to bed.  Then I get to hang out with my husband.  I like him a lot :)

Thanks for reading. 


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