May 20, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - growing up, jammies, and wrestling

Lately these little guys seem so be growing up faster.  Rex told me I didn't need to walk him into preschool anymore.  He announced that he could do it himself.  After he told me that I guess my face said it all because he asked, "Why do you look so sad, Mom?"  Because you're growing up too quickly and I don't want you to go to college and get married and leave me, I thought.  Actually, it's fun to see him growing and gaining more confidence.

Baden has officially hit the "asking why" phase.  He's been following me around asking about everything.  I enjoy his curiosity and his sense of humor.  He is so easy-going and happy.

One of my favorite times of day is right before the boys go to bed.  We whip out the in-your-face-character jammies.  (I can handle them at night :)  
Baden has the best belly and it tends to hang out like Winnie the Poo's.  I love it.

Wrestling is a nightly event that can't be skipped.  It's amazing how happy little boys get when you throw them around.  

And then they go to bed.  Then I get to hang out with my husband.  I like him a lot :)

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  1. Gotta love pre-bedtime wrestling matches! It's a tradition in this house too :)

  2. Best advice for the "why" stage is to reply "why do you think?". Makes their little brains work (and more importantly stop asking the perpetual why). My son (3) is very inquisitive. Having him try to work out the "why" shows his very active imagination. also results in some funny stories. :)

  3. Cheri,

    I understand how you feel about them growing too soon. If it were up to me, my daughter, who is sixteen, would still be two!


  4. It's kinda scary how much your boys remind me of my boys. :-)

  5. I love it too when my sons belly hangs out of his jammies. I just want to kiss it.

    He's reached the stage where he enjoys wrestling with daddy...makes me nervous, but he laughs and giggles, so I figure he must like it!

  6. i know what you mean about the growing up too fast thing. my first born is going to be 6 next month and i just keep thinking "where did it go?! wasnt it just yesterday that i was changing your diapers?!" ok so i dont miss that part! lol! but it is amazing to see how much he has grown up especially in the last few months. we all went through so much last year thats its nice to just sit back and marvel at what amazing people they are becoming.

  7. My daughter also asks me if she sees me crying at all (which happens a lot, I am pregnant and hormonal) "Why are you sad Mom? Is it because I am growing up?"

  8. Wait until you are getting them ready for their first school dance. We bought my daughter's first dress on Saturday and while I am so excited for her, it is so hard to watch her growing up so fast. Love that cute little Baden belly!

  9. Your boys remind me so much of when I had little boys (tear). And guess what, now at 13 and 16, they still love wrestling, it's just a lot louder! U will still be very sad when they gain more confidence, like getting a drivers permit, and letting them drive you around, boo for you, but when he is so happy how can you be sad? It's bittersweet this motherhood thing. But seeing them show grow and show love is my favorite part, the little things. I'm gonna go cry now...

  10. Very cute as aways! Love reading you stuff and seeing your crafts. Keep it going.
    P.S. the little guy has a great shirt on, I am from Wisconsin! Where did it come from?


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