May 06, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - monkeys on the bed, my bum, and teamwork

I love having a lazy Sunday morning.  Last week these little monkeys put on a jumping show for me.  I love it when they actually want me to take pictures of them, because it's so rare.  They love checking out their poses and moves on the camera screen.  

This week Rex gave me a great laugh.  He was watching me as I was searching what had been pinned from my site.  It was the day we posted the Avenger tee.  I showed him the screen and explained that when people really like something they pin it.  "See how much they like your shirt?"

(Sidenote: My most pinned post on Pinterest is THIS post about sewing elastic into the back of my pants to avoid the gaping back.  It spread like wildfire and if I would have known that I might have picked a bum double :)  

So, he's seeing all the pins of his shirt, but also noticing all the pictures of my bum.  "So, why does everybody like your bum, Mom?"  Ha!  I'm not sure why, honey.

Lastly, I love it when my boys want to help out.  Sometimes it takes a lot longer, but it makes me happy that they want to try.  So, how many boys does it take to vacuum the back of a car?  One to vacuum and one to sit close for moral support and cover his ears.

I hope you're having a great weekend.  See you tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


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