June 26, 2012

Hair Week Day 2 - Christina from Hair Romance

It's day 2 of hair week and we have an awesome guest today that you ladies will love.  

Her name is Christina and she blogs at Hair Romance.  Last year she showed us how to do THIS great twist and pin style.

This year she's back with a beautiful, simple style that's also fast.  Welcome Christina!

Every week should be hair week!  I’m Christina and a haircut completely changed my life. I am the editor (and The Hair) behind Hair Romance, a blog that’s all about loving your hair.

For this Hair Week I’m sharing a super easy hairstyle that is a regular favourite of mine at the moment – the braided bun.

I filmed a little video to show you how I do this style in my hair in under 90 seconds. It really is that quick and easy to do. Even better it’s a great style for “second day” hair. You know when you washed and styled your hair yesterday, but it looks a little slept-on today? No need to restyle, just try this easy upstyle.

How to get the look

What you’ll need:

Brush or comb
Tiny hair elastic – the little clear plastic ones really are the best as they’re almost invisible in your hair
Bobby pins

Step by step:

1. Brush your hair to your left side.

2. Split your hair into three equal sections ready to braid.

3. Instead of braiding over, we’ll braid under for this style. Take the right section and place it under the middle section. Then take the left section and place in under the right. When you braid, you’re always bringing the outer section over into the middle. The only difference with this style is bringing it underneath to the middle.

4. Continue braiding all your hair. If your hair is too long (or your arm is too short), hold the braid in your left hand and bring your right hand around to the front to finish the braid.

5. Secure with a small or clear elastic band.

6. Roll the braid upwards on itself to form the bun.

7. Pin in place with bobby pins.

If you have layers or bangs, you can leave them loose or pin them back into the finished upstyle.

Then you’re ready to go!

It sounds like a lot of steps when you write it down, but it’s so easy and looks a lot more complicated than it really is. Those are my favourite type of hairstyles. I’m all about simple styles that let you sleep in a little longer in the morning.

Hope you like this hairstyle and thanks to Cheri for asking me to be part of Hair Week again. If you need any hair advice or hairspiration please pop over to Hair Romance. Happy to answer any hair questions too.

Don’t forget to have fun with your hair!

Thank you so much Christina!  If you ladies need hair ideas, you have to head over to Christina's blog.  She has TONS of great styles.  I'm always impressed at how many things she can do with her hair even though it's not crazy long.  She's got skills.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

So cute! I love Christina's styles; they are so great. And anything I can do in 90 seconds is a TOTAL WIN as far as I'm concerned :). Thanks for sharing!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

That is super cute. I did something similar this morning, but I will have to try it her way too! Yay for 90 seconds, that's all I have anymore! :)

IrisM said...

Thank you for sharing!!! :)

Iris, from Paris FRANCE

Unknown said...

the first pic is amazing

Gaengy said...

Just love your blog! I started following Christina's blog after you featured her last year in hair week. Thanks for all your great ideas!

Kieran said...

and I love the hairstyle, thanks :-)

Kimberly T. said...

I've got to try this! So great for these HOT days. Thanks for such a fun week, Cheri.

Hair Romance said...

Thanks so much everyone! And thanks to Cheri for another fabulous Hair Week too x

Hair Romance said...

Hi Kieran
Thank you! My earring are from Prada.
Christina x


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