June 29, 2012

Hair Week Day 5 - my new look and some links

First off, I wanted to say thank you SO much to all of you guys for voting for my hair cut.  It was fun to hear your opinions and I felt like I got to know all of you better, too.  I even got emailed votes, for those that couldn't get the comment section to work.  So.....it was ridiculously close.  Number 3 got the least amount of votes.  Number 1 and 2 were a very tight race.....

...but the short Jennifer Goodwin cut won out in the end.  So, with no further ado here's my new look:

I still wanted some fun color, so we added in some of the red of #2.  The red is underneath though, so I don't really have to worry too much about upkeep.  It just adds a little funkiness and I can change out the color choice as it fades.

The length is probably a little longer than the inspiration picture, but I can always go a little shorter next time.

Now, what can I do with short hair?  Well, I can wash it in about 30 seconds.  It's awesome.  I can blow-dry it in less than 2 minutes.  Sweet.  These pictures are with no straightening - just a blowdryer and some product.  I have really thick, but fine hair, so I need product to guide it.  The product stiffens it a little so that the front part stays where I want it to without falling into my face all the time.

And, I've been having fun playing it.  I got out a bunch of headbands I hadn't worn in a while and I actually like them a lot more on my short hair.  Who knew?

And I can still do the scarf thing too.

And?  I actually really like the new look.  It's pretty empowering and I'm glad I did it.  Mr. Roar likes it as well, but Rex and Baden boys are not fans.  I'm pretty sure they'll get over it, though.  On the day I left to cut it I told Baden I was going to do it and he said in his cranky voice, "Don't cut your hair, Mom!  Leave it like that.  I know better."  He's an opinionated little guy.

The other good news?  I easily had enough to donate to Locks of Love, which was fun.

And if I want to go for the artsy-nerd look I can whip out the glasses.

And there you have it.  Anyone ready to rock the short hair with me?

And before we end Hair Week, I wanted to share a few links I found that were really cool before I cut my hair off.

Not all bobby pins are created equal.  Here's post about the ones Christina from Hair Romance uses HERE.  I always wondered about that.

Here's a video on how to get bobby pins and hair pins to actually work for you.

And here's a cool method to curling your hair with a straightener that I've never seen.  Cool effect too.  

Both of the video's come from the Daven blog.  He is really funny and has some awesome ideas and tutorials.  Check him out HERE.

And that's a wrap.  We're kissing hair week goodbye till next year.

Thanks for reading.


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