June 10, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - trophies and derbies

This first week of summer was a hit.  The boys and I had a lot of fun.  One day we were working in the garage when Rex found an old trophy of Mr. Roar's.  It was from his middle school days.  Rex thought it was the coolest thing ever.  He asked if he could go clean it up.  A few minutes later he returned and declared the trophy to be new.  He asked if I could take a picture of him with it.  It cracked me up.  I loved his pose, too.

(Sidenote: You know how sometimes your kids call things the wrong name, but it's too cute to correct them?  Rex calls trophies "loafy trophies" and it makes me giggle.  I can't correct him because I enjoy it too much.)

Maybe a star athlete one day?  (NOT if he gets my genes in that field.)

Yesterday we did something with the boys that I had a feeling they would love.  We took them to a demolition derby.  It was seriously fun and they really did love it.

There are some things you only see at an event like a demolition derby.  They threw snack size cereal boxes into the stands.  What?  They had people sing random songs during the break from a rehearsal CD that kept having a woman's voice over the top of the song that would say "rehearsal CD."  It was a good time.  The boys are counting down the days till we go again next year.

I was also really grateful for you this week.  You guys are so awesome.  Thank you for all your comments about the mommy school ideas.  Thanks for your support and thank you for visiting here again and again.

I hope you had a great week.


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