August 27, 2012

For the Love - Auction 12

Today is our 12th and last auction "For the Love."  (If you need a refresher, you can read the whole explanation HERE.)  In short, we're auctioning off a beautiful item each Monday of the summer from a talented blogger.  The proceeds will go to a great cause and you've found some new blogs to follow along the way.

(You can read about our cause right HERE if you haven't seen the post yet.  I think you'll fall in love with Owen just like I did.)

Our last auction was won by Cassie and "My Journey to..."  Can you drop me an email, ladies?  Thanks!

Today's auction item comes from Stacey at Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy.

Stacey is the mother of three boys.  She and her family have lived in several different countries.  Her blog has lots of fun tutorials and obviously lots of boy ideas.  Stacey has generously donated a homemade I-spy quilt......
to our auction.

The item being auction off is a Rainbow Squares I-spy quilt.  The quilt is made using both piecing and applique techniques and measures 90 X 42 inches.  The front border is made with Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton in Ash and various I-spy charm squares.  Each rainbow square is comprised of 9 individual prints.   
The backing is made from a yellow reclaimed sheet which is pieced with a strip of rainbow charm squares.  The scrappy binding was hand sew and made using Robert Kaufman's Remix Chevron in Bright and Ta Dot in Moss.  The quilt was machine quilted using interlocking squares.

Want to make your own?  You can find Stacey's tutorial HERE.  

Want to see what else Stacey is up to?  Check out THIS cute outfit she calls "Cheeseburger in Paradise."

Or look at THESE sweet superheros crafted from toilet paper rolls.  Stacey's also currently doing a Sewing for Boys Sew Along that you can read more about HERE.

Now, if you'd like to bid on the I-Spy quilt, you may do so in the comment section.  Please make sure I have a way to contact you, in case you win the auction.  (You can also comment without bidding, if you just want to leave a regular comment.)

The bidding will be open until next Monday.  Thank you, Stacey, for donating your awesome quilt.

Thanks for reading.


tamekanoni said...

Beautiful quilt! Is there a minimum starting bid?

Amy said...

I bid 40

~ko said...

Such a fun quilt! I'm certain that took a lot of hours, something very precious especially for mothers of boys ;)

Lindagirl said...

Love the bright colors of the quilt. I still have a colorful doll quilt my sweet grandma made me when I was little. I used to love studying every piece of fabric & picking out something I hadn't noticed before. Neat idea! Really like the chevron edging too.

Christina H said...

I bid 60...That is a lovely quilt!

Sarah M. said...

So beautiful and fun! I bid 90.

Angela said...

I bid $100

Sarah M. said...

I bid $115


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