August 16, 2012

Where to Find a Wooden Spool and How to Use It in Your Home

Back when I showed you my master bedroom reveal HERE a month ago, I also showed you the spool I got for free and used as an end table.  Well, I thought I'd give you the low down on how to find a spool and what you can do with them.  I've seen some pretty sweet projects using them and I almost want to go out and find a few more.

Here's mine:

When I got it, it looked like this.  While the top and bottom are actually wood, the middle was cardboard.

I painted the middle yellow to match the room.  I also debated over not painting it, but running rope up the middle.  I may do that another time, but for now I like the pop of color.

It still needed to look a little more rustic, so I watered down some black paint and gave it a coat exactly how I did HERE.  I really liked the final look of that so I called it done.

Now, where do you find a spool?  I went to the Home Depot first.  They have several things they sell that are on the spools.  The spools range in size and if a product is almost gone, they will let you have it for free.  They have a bunch of spool on what looks like a ferris wheel.  They put a key in and the spools go round and round so they can access the different types of cables they sell.

At the Depot they didn't have any that were almost gone, but I gave the guy my number for when something ran out.  I didn't know if that would really happen, so I headed to Lowes.  I found their ferris wheel of spools and there was one with just a little cable left on it.  They nice guy who worked there wold me I could have it without buying the cable, even though I offered to.  I was seriously excited and I think he thought I was crazy.

If you can't find one at a home improvement store you could call an commercial electrician.  They probably have them and go through them faster.

Now, why would you want one?  Check out some of these projects.  Click on the "Source" to find out more.  I did my best to find the original source, but some might not be.

How about a clock?

This one I've been drooling over for a very long time.  Gorgeous.

[from Country Living Sept 2011, but I found it HERE]



Still want to see more spool inspiration?  Check out this post HERE for a lot more eye candy.  Now don't you want a bunch of them too?  And you can't beat free.

Well, that's all for today.  See you tomorrow for our last installment of "Mommy School."  (I'll probably do it again next summer, but we're taking a break from posting it for the school year.)

Thanks for stopping by.

- Maybe I've been in the dark, but THIS SITE called Scrap Hacker has some of the coolest roundups ever.  Love it.  I just found it while searching for other spools for this post.

- If my ears were pierced I would totally be hoping to win THESE.


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