September 14, 2012

Feature Friday - DIY Rock Candy

Ever since I saw THIS POST at Mom's Crafty Space I have been dying to try my hand at making rock candy with the boys.  

Last week we gave it a shot.  

It takes about a week for it to turn into the rock candy.  We followed Heidi's instructions.

I also did a little more research since I saw that some people had some trouble with it working.  One post recommended putting the sticks an inch above the bottom of the glass to avoid having the glass itself get crystalized.  It did anyway, but it's easy to wash afterwards because the hot water dissolves the sugar.

One post I found recommended covering the jars lightly with saran wrap.  I was worried that because the top of liquid got hard that it wasn't working, but it actually was.  You could see the sticks accumulate more crystals throughout the week.  You can't really see that from this picture, though.

After a week we broke through the top layer and pulled out the rock candy.

The color fades a lot from the original color.

The boys were super excited to pull out the candy after watching it all week.  It was an exercise in patience for them.  (Just ignore that lunch hadn't been wiped off Baden's face yet in this picture :)

And my little ham Rex was amazed as well.

If you want to try your own, you can find Heidi's tutorial HERE.

Thanks for stopping by.

- Can't find the original source of an image?  Susan just showed me how, directing me to THIS POST.  Awesome.

- I don't have a serger, but if you do and you want some tips, Palak just did an awesome series HERE on using a serger.


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