September 21, 2012

Feature Friday - glitter slime

You might have seen the glitter slime that I linked up at the water cooler last week.  You can find it HERE at 36th Avenue.  Well, Rex had a friend over so I whipped out the stuff to make the slime, attempting to be a cool mom :)

I initially had a lot of trouble finding Borax.  I went to Wal-mart, Home Depot, Walgreens, Smith's (a grocery store), and ShopKo.  No luck.  Then I called Target before going there.  They had it.  Why didn't I go there first?  Duh!  I go there more than any other store.

After mixing up the slime it's kind of hard to get it off the kids' hands.  After the slime is mixed then it's fine and won't be too sticky, but getting it off after the initial mixing took some scrubbing.

Rex and his friend thought it was awesome.  I did win the cool mom award.  Yes!

Baden, however, couldn't handle the slime.  He's funny that way.  

He doesn't like to be dirty.  He asked, "Can I be done, Mom?"  It made me laugh.

We let Rex's friend take his slime home with him.  I'm sure his mom was grateful :)

So, if you want to make some glitter slime just head over to 36th Avenue HERE.

Thanks for sharing your fun tutorial with us, Desirée.


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