September 02, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - instagram

I didn't get out my nice camera for pictures this week, but here's our week via instagram.  (If you follow me there you've already seen these.  Sorry!)

The one of my favorite things about short hair is the bed head.  Seriously.  It gives me a reason to laugh each morning.  When I exercise and get sweaty I can get it to all stand up like a giant torch.  Yeah, it's pretty sweet.

I got to have breakfast with Wolverine this week.  Who can say that?  I sure do love having boys.

Sometimes I wonder if it's healthy to love Target as much as I do.  Ah, sweet Target.  I do a happy sigh just thinking about it :)  Here are my Target pirates.  (Yes, fortunately they do still have both eyebrows after removing the stickers.)

And lastly, did you know that McDonald's has dip cones?  Not my personal favorite, but the boys were pretty excited (my husband included).  Here's to the last of sticky summer nights.

We had a great week and I am so excited for Rex to start Kindergarten this week!  He's thrilled.

And that's it.  Thanks for stopping by.


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