September 09, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - kindergarten and today

Rex had his first day of kindergarten this week.  Can you tell he was a little excited?

We've been counting down the days.  He was really anxious to make some friends.  (Our neighborhood doesn't have a lot of kids in it.  He had a playdate this week already and he's loving school.  I kind of thought I'd celebrate his first day because Baden had preschool that day and I had 2 hours to myself.  You know what?  It was really, really weird.  However, I think I'll get used to it and love it eventually.

This week kind of made me more aware of how fast time is going.  You see, these fort days aren't going to last that long.

And it won't be long until snuggles from mom won't make everything better.  The super hero costumes will be given to D.I. (if they're still usable by then).  And life will be different.

So, I'm trying to soak it all in.  I'm trying to look past the tantrums and just enjoy holding them tight for now.  I'm grateful for today.

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