October 22, 2012

Behind the Curtains - East Coast Creative

Today is the first day of curtains week and we have a great line up.  Today's guests are two ladies who write one of my very favorite DIY/home decor blogs.  They are super talented and they team up to show you projects like THIS...

and THIS.

Shall we see who's behind the curtains today?

It's East Coast Creative.  Welcome Jess and Monica!

Hey there! We're Jess and Monica, from East Coast Creative. We're crazy about all things DIY and design, but we have a dirty, little secret. You ready for it? We don't sew. Shhhhh, please don't tell. We know, we've heard it all before...how can we consider ourselves DIYers if we don't sew? Well, here's the thing: we are experts at creating awesome items for our homes by working around the whole sewing thing. (And by the way, we actually can sew a little, tiny bit..we just choose not to!) So, we were really excited about Cheri's curtain series because we get to share our non-sewing talent! Let us show you what we mean with our three fabulous solutions for no-sew curtains.

Simple, white Ikea panels were dressed up with a little paint in a color-block style in Jess' newly renovated kitchen.

 Those same Ikea panels (who doesn't love $20 curtain panels?!) got a striped paint treatment that made a big statement in Monica's living room.

Custom valances were created using dropcloths, fusible webbing and a little ribbon for an easy and affordable update in Jess' living room. 

 Our Curtain Crushes
We've rounded up a few awesome curtains from some of our favorite stores!
Mudhut Kashmir Medallion Window Panel

Mudhut Kashmir Medallion Panels from Target. Love the pop of color!

Herringbone Curtain from Urban Outfitters. Ahh, you had us at herringbone.

Pinstripe Sheer Belgian Linen Drapery

Sheer Linen Pinstripe Drapes from Restoration Hardware. Gorgeous and simple. These curtains add depth and interest to the room, but don't steal the show. Love that.

If you want to see more of what we've been up to this Fall, click the thumbnails below!
Monster Mash Tutorial Pumpkin Tutorials Mantle Inspiration Spooky Foyer Frankenstein Door

We always have so much fun over here at I Am Momma. Thanks so much for having us, Cheri!

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Thanks ladies!  And if you've never stopped over at East Coast Creative I HIGHLY recommend a visit.

Thanks for reading.


~ko said...

Oh how fun! I've been looking for curtain inspiration for our master-bed room. It's a hot mess in there and I am pretty much starting a square one. Yay for inspiration!

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

Wow, a new blog for me to check out, love their style!

Leigh Anne said...

Great inspiration!


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