October 19, 2012

Feature Friday - Leather Collar

Somewhere along the line of perusing pinterest I saw a leather collar and thought it was really cute.  My original inspiration can be found HERE.  I figured it would be an easy, fun project and I still had some leather leftover from a couple of years ago.  I love a peter pan collar.  Here's how mine turned out.

I started with a decent sized piece of leather because I wanted my collar to be one piece.

I cut a hole from paper to see determine the size hole I wanted for my neck.  Then I traced it onto the backside of the leather.

I cut it out, including a slit up the back.  I used regular scissors, but your scissors have to be fairly sharp to work well.

Once again I played with the paper to determine the size of the collar and used the pattern for both sides.  If you decide to change the size you can always trim one side the way you want it and then use the remnant you cut off to help you get the other side even.

In the back the piece will overlap a bit to lay right.  I tried it on and then marked what felt right.  Then I trimmed the leather accordingly.

I also stitched around the collar and the bow pieces, just for looks.

I hot-glued the bow and then did a simple button closure in the back.  The make the buttonhole I just used a craft knife and made a slit.

And it's a fun simple way to dress up a plain shirt.  You could use different colors or even vinyl.  You could explore other shapes.  And you don't have to worry about the leather being washable because it's not attached.

I think it would be fun to wear with a little dress.

FYI - Next week is going to be curtain week and I have some amazing ladies coming over to help out.  Don't worry.  Even if you don't sew, there will still be ideas for you.

Thanks for dropping in.

- Rex's costume is in the works, but he did change his mind once again.  We're set now and let's just say the boys are going to be brothers in costume as well.  Want a funny sneak peek?  Go HERE.

- If you're looking to buy a Silhouette they have a fall promo going on with different bundle options.  Go HERE and use the code "ROAR" to knock down the price.

- What shows are you watching this season?  I'm still digging Once Upon a Time and I started watching Revolution by recommendation.  


  1. Anonymous19.10.12

    Oh man! My two little girls (3 and 1.5) are going to be Thor and Loki too!

    Freya (the baby) is going to be Loki, and I don't really want to make too complicated of a costume...since she'll probably just eat it. But yours looks amazing.

    We'll have to share and compare :P

  2. I can't wait for curtain week! We're moving and I need to get off my tail and make some for the new house.

  3. I'm looking forward to curtain week! YAY! My little man is going as Halloween. Luckily for me, he hasn't changed his mind in a month!

  4. Your boys are going to look awesome! We're watching Revolution and loving it. We are watching Once Upon a Time as well....and I just don't like it as much as last season. Our guilty pleasure show is Revenge.

  5. This is darling Cheri! I have got to make one of these!

  6. Holy Crap! Loiki-- really?!? That is awesome! I've got some Thor stuff for you if you need it.

  7. The Loki costume looks so great! My son will be amazed when he sees that picture.

  8. You and I have the same sort of ideas about how awesome Halloween should be.


    Can't wait to see the finished costumes! Loki looks fantastic so far!

  9. Very cute!

    Love Once Upon a Time!

  10. So cute!

    I love both those shows! I also just got into elementary... its pretty awesome :-)

  11. Super cute! And I absolutely LOVE Once Upon A Time. I was so excited with today's episode, I love how they intertwine all the stories! Rumplestiltskin being the crocodile and crocodile being just a name for him, now I found that quite clever!


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