October 08, 2012

Halloween Costumes over the years

So it's time to plan the Halloween costumes for this year.  The problem is, they keep changing their minds. I thought it would be fun to share our costumes through the years and then tell you what we're planning this year.

Here's Rex when he was one.  My mom sewed him this Elvis costume and we bedazzled it.  We sprayed his hair black and drew in side burns with eye liner.  This still might be my favorite.

The next year we did fries and a hot dog.  I bought both costumes.  The french fries were from Pottery Barn, but I found them way cheaper on eBay.  The hotdog was an old one from Old Navy.

The next year Rex was dying over the Wolverine costume at Target, so I had to give in.  It had claws and I couldn't compete with that.  Baden wore a hand-me-down skunk costume because the gnome one I bought was way too small to squeeze him into.

Last year you might recall that Rex was Thor (which you can see the creation of HERE).

Baden was a viking (which you can find the tutorial for HERE).

It's always fun when you can convince them to coordinate.

So what's coming this year?  Baden's debating between a sheep, kind of like this...

...and the fry costume we already have.

And Rex can't decide between Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks (which I already purchased some fabric to make, but I'm not super excited to make)....

....and a slurpee.  We'd probably make something similar to what Char did HERE.  It would be easier though, because Rex is still pretty small.  He does have a BIG slurpee obsession, though.

What are your costume plans?  Feel free share links in the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by.

- Catching Fireflies had a fun Halloween costume round up HERE, that including our viking costume.  There's a tooth and tooth fairy one (originally from HERE) that's killing me.  Love it.

- Last week was Project Run and Play's boy week.  See the competition HERE.


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