October 15, 2012

The Bathroom Renovation - part 1 (plans)

So as you know, our bathroom is in the works.  Well. "in the works" really looks like this:

Let me give you a quick update.  One day we noticed some water damage on the wall next to the shower.  We knew there was a leak and figured we'd have to take out the bottom tile and drain pan in the shower and fix out.  No biggie.  We had to do that at our last house.

We thought we'd take the chance to put in new doors since these were looking bad and they were the only thing in the bathroom that wasn't updated.  (Warning: This documentary involves a lot of nasty nighttime cell phone pics.)

When we started taking out the lower tiles we realized the past owner had tiled over existing tile in the bathroom.  Really?  We knew that wasn't going to work and that we were going to have to remove ALL the tile.  Ugh.

We spent a lot of nights chiseling it out.  The boys helped haul out a little of the tile in the beginning.  They thought it was fun.  I enjoyed the demo process myself.

The more we removed the more moisture we realized there was.  It was between all the tiles.  My dad came and ripped out the final layer of cement.  I rented an air hammer and he hammered out the cement at the bottom of the shower.  

Even after removing the cement and the drain pan, the plywood flooring underneath was drenched.  It continued under the flooring and under the tub as well.  At this point we decided to get the tub out.  It's a jetted tub that has never even worked and we needed to get under it anyhow.

My husband spend Saturday morning removing the floor tiles, but it's still not all done.  We also have to replace the floor boards where they've rotted and see if the damage went much deeper.  There is some slight water damage visible on the ceiling of the garage, which is under the shower.

So, I thought I'd share some inspiration and plans.  This is what I'd like to have happen, but we'll have to see how it all goes in the end.  I'm really excited to get things rolling, but a little frustrated because I wanted to spend these funds on a new furnace.  But, since we've had to rip everything out I want to re-do it right.  We plan to live here forever and I don't want to re-do it twice.

For the shower, I'm in love with a pale gray subway glass tile like this one.  I think bathrooms are tricky because tile isn't something you can easily switch out and it's hard to find something truly timeless.  Everything is dated and eventually everything is outdated.  So, I'm picking something hip and pretty, but still a bit neutral. 

 I love the pale aqua tile even more, but I think it will be even more dated, so it's out.

For the floor I want to find a family-friendly version of this hexagon tile.  This one is marble, which apparently you have to seal a lot and I don't want maintenance. I love the vintage feel of the hexagon tile, but with an updated feel.  I'm hunting for something similar at a good price.

I'd like to do a freestanding soaker tub like this.  I went to a plumbing wholesale store and they were way too expensive, but I've found some for 1/3 the price on overstock.  Plus, if I use a discount code that would help.  By doing a tub like this we don't have to spend the money on tile to tile around the tub.  We can put the money into the tub and just drywall the walls.  I could even put in curtains, which the room has never had.  There wasn't room with the tub all boxed in.

And ideally, I'd like the shower to have clean glass doors like this, but ours is smaller and there wouldn't be a ledge between the tub and shower.

And there you have it.  I'm not sure how long all of this will take, but I know it'll be worth it when it's all done.

I'll keep you posted.  Thanks for stopping by.


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