November 04, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - halloween and popcorn

Both boys loved Halloween this year.  Here they are all ready to hit the streets as Thor and Loki.

It was fun to see the Thor costume on Baden.  (And frankly, you can see what he'd look like if he were a girl :)

Last night we let the boys watch a show before bed and we made microwave popcorn.  Apparently they've been deprived.  Neither one had ever seen microwave popcorn.  They pulled stools up to watch it pop.  It was like Christmas.  Ha!  I had a similar experience with Rex and a taco a few months ago.  He'd never had one before and he thought it awesome.  I'm wracking my brain to think of what else we've missed with them.

And that was the our week.  Did you experience any firsts yourself or with your kids this week?

Thanks for dropping in.


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